Our Mission: Empowering Individuals With Disabilities And Their Families To Lead Fulfilled And Productive Lives.

At Harbor House, our vision for the future is formed by the needs and dreams of the participants and families we serve. The founding parents of Harbor House envisioned an organization that would provide their sons and daughters with challenging, enjoyable and productive work. In the same way, the current Harbor House leadership seeks to provide a growing array of supports and services that will ensure participants have appropriate choices for self-fulfillment while making a meaningful contribution to society.

In implementing our mission of enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through employment, self-determination, education and community building opportunities, we are continuously leveraging limited resources in new and creative ways while staying at the forefront of positive trends.

Harbor House is certified as a Medicaid waiver program providing the Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver. The SCL program provides an alternative to institutional care for individuals with mental or developmental disabilities by allowing them to choose to remain in or return to the larger community.


As an SCL provider, Harbor House will provide:

  • Support Coordination - Helping participants and their families plan and coordinate services they need and want from those that are available.
  • Community Habilitation - Providing training for individuals with disabilities according to their needs, such as in communication or the use of money.
  • Supported Employment - Providing on-the-job skills training to help individuals become successful in the workplace.
  • Community Living Supports - Offering one-on-one guidance during activities such as shopping, attending community events or household care.
  • Behavior Supports - Enabling individuals to make changes in their behavior or environment that will encourage acceptance by others.
  • Respite - Providing periods of free time for persons who normally care for individuals living in a family home or their private residence.


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Louisville, KY 40216

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